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Anton Paar – Battery Materials Characterization

Nov 22, 2022 | Building Energy | 0 comments

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Anton Paar develops, produces, and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments, and process measuring systems, and provides custom-tailored automation and robotics solutions worldwide. Their analytical instruments enable you to understand your materials. Reliable data enables scientists, researchers, and engineers to proceed with confidence in research and product development, manage and control manufacturing quality, and optimize their output.

In this episode of Building Energy, we focus on Anton Paar’s battery analytical instruments for characterizing the physical properties of battery materials. The utilization of batteries is one of the fastest-growing industrial segments in the world. Numerous products including pacemakers, drones, cars, and now even airplanes, rely on batteries for power. Ensuring batteries are safe, powerful, and reliable is more critical than ever before.

However, the safety, performance, and lifetime of a battery will only be as good as the materials that go into making it. Specifically, the electrodes, separator, and electrolyte need to be fully characterized and monitored from the time they enter the production facility until they are incorporated into the final product.

Parameters that have to be measured include electrode surface area, crystal structure, particle and crystallite size, pore size, electrode slurry flow and curing properties, chemical purity of raw materials, separator pore size and structure properties, electrolyte viscosity, density, flash point. 

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Guest Speaker 1: Joe Zakarian – National Sales Manager, Business Unit Characterisation
Guest Speaker 2: Lars Kurandt Jaeger – Sales Representative – Measurement Group
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