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AUTOSOL | Data Driven Decision Making Delivering Operational Value Featuring David Blanco

Jan 31, 2024 | Building Energy | 0 comments

One platform to bring it all together. AUTOSOL helps to solve industry challenges by securely collecting, accessing, and sharing data at scale from all of the devices that comprise industrial environments. Director of Technical Operations and Business Development David Blanco joins Crownsmen Energy to provide insight on how AUTOSOL is not just delivering data, but providing context enabling customers to make informed decisions.

By applying multi-protocol communications to unify an energy customers operational-wide view, AUTOSOL helps customers see new opportunities for measurable gains.​ Guided by data access, compliance demands and deep industrial automation coupled with SCADA and EFM system knowledge, AUTOSOL tailors its historical, real-time and edge polling engines and integration capabilities to a company specific device, protocol, communication and Human Machine Interface requirements.​ AUTOSOL’s people set the standard for service as trusted and committed partners to unlock the value of data for decision making. Its proven platform sets the standard for delivery with ultra-reliable access to previously isolated field devices and the insights they hold, plus the interoperability to implement new IIoT and automation tools alongside legacy assets for vendor-agnostic, future-proof growth.​

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Guest Speaker: David Blanco – Director of Technical Operations and Business Development
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