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Beumer Group – The Holistic Approach to Mining Conveyors

Oct 20, 2023 | Mining Now | 0 comments

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Jerrod Downey engages in an insightful conversation with Gabriel Moniz, Operations Manager at Beumer Group. This episode continues the series’ exploration of conveyor design in the mining industry by focusing on holistic approaches. Gabriel Moniz’s expertise shines as he discusses the intricate design process of conveyor systems, particularly those spanning long distances over challenging terrains.

Gabriel Moniz sheds light on the holistic view of conveyor design, emphasizing the significance of considering broader infrastructure aspects beyond the equipment itself. As the Engineering and Operations Manager at Beumer Group, he elaborates on his role in adding value to projects from inception to execution. The conversation delves into the unique challenges presented by mining conveyors, which are shaped by diverse geographical, environmental, and logistical factors. Beumer Group’s approach, showcased through Moniz’s insights, demonstrates a commitment to tailoring solutions for each project’s distinct needs.

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