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Black Powder Solutions – Magnetic Separation for Black Powder Contamination

Jan 4, 2024 | Building Energy | 0 comments

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Black Powder Solutions tackles hard-to-clean black powder contamination in oil and gas facilities worldwide. The company specializes in magnetic separator systems with a patented technology that efficiently cleans contamination down to 1 micron with a remarkable 99% efficiency.

The video explores the various cleaning mechanisms offered by Black Powder Solutions, from manual to fully automatic systems, showcasing how each contributes to extended maintenance intervals and improved operational efficiency. The host and guest discuss the materials, configurations, and modular design of the systems, highlighting the adaptability to diverse flow and contamination requirements.

The significance of magnetic separation in addressing top contamination issues in upstream, natural gas pipelines, NGL facilities, refineries, and batch product pipelines is discussed. The video emphasizes how Black Powder Solutions’ magnetic separation technology offers a sustainable, long-term solution with benefits such as reduced environmental footprint, minimized employee interaction, and lower operational costs. Case studies with Chevron Corporation and Targa Resources demonstrate the tangible impact of Black Powder Solutions’ solutions, resulting in substantial cost savings and enhanced operational reliability. Discover how magnetic separation technology can transform the maintenance landscape, providing a six-month payoff and contributing to overall sustainability in the energy sector.

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Guest Speaker: Roger Simonson – CEO/President
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