BE 44 | North America Electric Transmission Market: Valmont Industries Insights

Explore the future of electric transmission with Valmont Industries, Inc. experts, including insights on their products and materials.

In this engaging video, hosted by Rory Bamford, we delve into the North America Electric Transmission Market with experts from Valmont Industries, Inc. Our first guest, Chris Colwell, President of TD&S and Lighting & Transportation, provides an insightful introduction to Valmont Industries. He shares details about their products, materials, and their role in engineering and manufacturing capabilities. They emphasize the importance of reliability, addressing aging infrastructure, and embracing renewable generation in the electric transmission market. They also discuss the “Energy Transition Super Cycle,” highlighting the shift towards renewable power sources and the growing need for electric power usage in the future.

Transitioning to our second guest, Danny Lonergan, Vice President of Distribution at Valmont Industries, Inc., the focus shifts to the Distribution Market Overview. Danny highlights the market needs and Valmont’s solutions, setting the stage for a deep dive into Distribution Products Grid Hardening. He discusses the advantages of concrete, steel, and composite materials for grid hardening, showcasing their strengths and use cases. A concrete drilling demonstration exemplifies their commitment to quality control. Steel’s durability and widespread application over a 60-year period is showcased, while composites, such as fiberglass, offer maintenance-free solutions and are emerging as a trend in the industry, notably in national forests.

This video provides a comprehensive overview of the North America Electric Transmission Market, Valmont Industries’ role in the industry, and the significance of grid hardening to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy future. It highlights the exciting prospects of transitioning to more renewable power sources and the innovations that are driving this transformation.

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Guest Speaker: Chris Colwell – President TD&S and Lighting & Transportation
Guest Speaker 2: Danny Lonergan – Vice President Distribution
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Hosted by: Rory Bamford

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