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E3 Lithium | Unlocking a New Source of Canadian Lithium & Sustainable Energy

Jan 10, 2024 | Building Energy | 0 comments

E3 Lithium’s CEO Chris Doornbos discusses unlocking a new source of Canadian lithium for a sustainable energy future. E3 Metals is a lithium resource and technology company aiming to power the growing electrical revolution. Based in Alberta, E3 Metals’ combined resources, including the Clearwater project are being developed on the backbone of the mature and sophisticated oil and gas industry that will allow the company to accelerate its development. They are seeing potential expand exponentially with Ottawa recently pledging up to $3.8 billion over 8 years for the extraction of “critical minerals” such as lithium.

Within the Alberta Lithium permit area, E3 has outlined 3 resources as outlined in the Table Below. E3 Lithium has one of the largest lithium resources amongst its lithium peers with 7.0 Million Tonnes (Mt) of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE), hosted in the world-class Leduc Aquifer. This covers only a third of the Company’s permit area in south-central Alberta.
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​​E3 Lithium’s Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) Technology
E3 has also developed a proprietary direct lithium extraction technology called Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE). DLE ion-exchange technology utilizes a proprietary sorbent designed to be highly selective towards lithium ions. It quickly and efficiently reduces large volumes of low-grade brine into a high-grade lithium concentrate in one step, simultaneously removing nearly all impurities. This produces a very clean product for the development of high purity lithium compounds used in Li-ion batteries. Batteries for electric vehicles are the fastest growing market for lithium products and therefore high purity lithium products for direct sale to this market is E3’s focus.
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Guest Speaker: Chris Doornbos – President, CEO, Director
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