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BE 45: Electrical Room Safety with ABB – Arc-Flash Mitigation Techniques and Best Practices

Dec 12, 2023 | Building Energy | 0 comments

Join host Rory Bamford in this illuminating episode of Building Energy as he engages with ABB’s experts, Mirza Danish Baig and David Seretny, to explore the crucial realm of electrical room safety. The focus is on arc flash mitigation techniques and best practices, particularly in the context of medium voltage indoor apparatus. Danish Baig, a seasoned Product Marketing Specialist, and David Seretny, Field Service Manager for Western Canada, share their expertise to shed light on the potential risks posed by arc flash events.

The episode begins with a comprehensive introduction to arc flash events, emphasizing their destructive nature and the serious threats they pose to both equipment and personnel. David Seretny provides valuable insights into ABB’s multifaceted approach to preventing arc flash events, incorporating both physical devices and engineering studies. The discussion then delves into the reasons and events that can lead to arc flash incidents, underlining the need for vigilant preventive measures.

As the conversation unfolds, the focus shifts to ABB’s cutting-edge solutions, including Arc-Resistant Switchgear and the Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch. These innovations showcase ABB’s commitment to active arc flash mitigation, providing rapid responses and minimizing the impact of potential arc events. The episode serves as an informative guide, emphasizing the importance of implementing these advanced technologies in regular maintenance routines for a safer and more resilient electrical infrastructure.

Connect with ABB
Guest Speaker: Mirza Danish Baig, M.Eng., P.Eng. – Product Marketing Specialist, Indoor MV Apparatus
Guest Speaker 2: David Seretny – Field Service Manager – Western Canada
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The Team
Hosted by: Jerrod Downey
Crownsmen’s Executive Producer: Rory Bamford
Director and Co-Host: Gaudy Molina

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