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Glencore Technology – Unveiling the Science Behind Mining Sucess

Feb 5, 2024 | Mining Now | 0 comments

Join us as we explore the latest developments and innovations in the field, featuring Glencore Technology. Our guest, Scott Martin, shares his insights as the Head of Sales for North America at Glencore Technology.

Scott takes us on a journey through his career, from his background in engineering and water treatment to his current role at Glencore Technology. Based in Vancouver, Scott highlights the advantages of working with Glencore’s regional offices around the world, including Brisbane, Santiago, Moscow, and Johannesburg.

Glencore Technology is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in hydropyro mineral processing and other technologies. With a focus on real-world applications, they aim to address challenges faced by the mining industry, such as copper supply and demand, critical mineral strategies, decreasing head grades, and ESG targets. Glencore Technology leverages its proven and performance-leading technologies to support companies in meeting these challenges swiftly and effectively.

Throughout the episode, we explore Glencore Technology’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation. Their flagship technology, the eDart System, has undergone numerous enhancements over the years, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for a wide range of operations. These refinements are driven by client needs and industry trends, with a strong emphasis on safety and maintenance.

Don’t miss this engaging episode of Mining Now as we uncover the innovative solutions and advancements that Glencore Technology brings to the mining industry. Stay tuned for valuable insights and practical applications from Scott Martin and his team.

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Guest Speaker: Scott Martin – Head of Sales North & Central America
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