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Glencore Technology’s Albion Process: Mining Tech Revolution

Jan 31, 2024 | Mining Now | 0 comments

Experience the mining revolution with Glencore Technology’s groundbreaking Albion Process™! In this exclusive episode of Mining Now, join our host Jerrod Downey as he delves into cutting-edge technology with Glencore Technology experts. From ultra-fine grinding to oxidative leaching, the Albion Process™ is transforming the extractive processing landscape, offering a game-changing approach to mining.

Discover the journey of Albion technology, originating with the development of the IsaMill™ in the early ’90s. Glencore Technology’s commitment to innovation led to the adaptation of Albion in various sectors, including base metals and precious metals. The Albion Process™, showcased by Glencore’s experts, stands out for its modularity, flexibility, and sustainability, making it a key player in the mining industry.

Explore real-world applications and the economic and technical challenges Albion addresses. From complex concentrates to lower-grade ores, Albion proves its viability, providing a simpler and more cost-effective solution compared to traditional processing options. Join us in this insightful episode to witness the evolution of mining technology and the impact of Glencore Technology’s Albion Process on the future of the industry.

Connect with Glencore Technology:
Guest Speaker 1: Stanko Nikolic – Manager – Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy
Website | Company LinkedIn 

Guest Speaker 2: Rebecca McKechnie – Metallurgist – Hydrometallurgy
Website | Company LinkedIn 

Guest Speaker 3: Laurie McDonnell – Senior Metallurgist – Hydrometallurgy
Website | Company LinkedIn 

Mining NOW: Website | Linkedin
Mining Now is a joint mining podcast and web series produced by CIM/ICM and Crownsmen Partners. Join us to learn about the latest innovations in operating mines to increase energy efficiency and production. We look into modern mining and processing equipment including autonomous vehicles and IOT technology. Experts tackle everything from skilled labour shortages to team building to meeting evolving safety regulations. This is the mining of today that will shape the mines of tomorrow.

The Team
Hosted by: Jerrod Downey
Crownsmen’s Executive Producer: Rory Bamford
Director and Co-Host: Gaudy Molina

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