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Rogers For Business & NORCAT – Exploring Cutting-Edge Communication in Underground Mining

Nov 6, 2023 | Mining Now | 0 comments

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In this episode of “Mining Now,” hosted by Jerrod Downey, the focus is on showcasing the cutting-edge communication and technology infrastructure in the NORCAT Underground Training Centre. The episode features several key guests, including Paul Howarth, Senior Director of Business Development and Product Commercialization at Rogers, and Shaun Mohammed, Senior Business Development Manager at Rogers. The show takes place on-site at the NORCAT Underground Training Centre, offering a unique perspective into the world of mining technology.

The video starts with Jerrod introducing the location, and he then lets Paul and Shaun introduce themselves and their roles at Rogers. They discuss the technical aspects of the cell network and showcase an outdoor cell tower, explaining how it connects to the underground facility. They also delve into safety considerations and regulations, highlighting the importance of maintaining a safe distance from operating radios.

As the video progresses, Jerrod, Paul, and Shaun move underground to the NORCAT facility, where they explore the hardware components and the communication system in detail. They discuss the coverage challenges in a mining environment and how Rogers’ technology addresses those issues. They touch upon the maintenance and support of the system and emphasize the importance of reliable communication in the mining industry. The video concludes with a sneak peek at the technology testing center within the NORCAT Underground Training Centre.

Connect with Rodgers For Business

Guest Speaker #1: Paul Howarth – Sr. Director Business Development and Product Commercialization

Guest Speaker #2: Shaun Mohammed – Sr. Business Development Manager

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Connect with NORCAT

Guest Speaker #3: Greg Major – NORCAT Underground Training Centre Director

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The Team
Hosted by: Jerrod Downey
Crownsmen’s Executive Producer: Rory Bamford
Director and Co-Host: Gaudy Molina

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