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SafeSight Exploration – Discussing Digital Assets and Vertical Mining

Jan 4, 2024 | Mining Now | 0 comments

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In this episode, Roy interviews Mike Campigotto, the President of SafeSight Exploration Inc. They delve into the latest applications and technologies in the mining industry. Mike, a technologist with a background in digital transformation, shares his insights and experiences from the healthcare sector and how they relate to the challenges faced by the mining industry.

Throughout the conversation, they discuss the importance of digital assets, the impact of enabling technologies, and the need for robust support and infrastructure. Mike emphasizes the value of collaboration and the significance of understanding the specific needs of operators in order to shape technology solutions effectively.

The episode also explores the concept of vertical mining, highlighting the role of SafeSight’s innovative robotic technology in improving safety and efficiency in mine shaft inspections. They touch on the collaboration with Vale and other industry partners, as well as the recent positive changes in legislation that encourage the adoption of technology in mining operations.

Overall, this episode of Mining Now provides valuable insights into the mining industry’s digital transformation and its potential for safer and more efficient operations. Join Roy Slack and Mike Campigotto for an engaging and informative discussion.

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