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Unveiling ASDR Canada’s Growth Secrets in the Mining Sector

Jan 10, 2024 | Mining Now | 0 comments

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In this episode, we have Marco Rebuli, the Director of Business Development at ASDR Canada Inc.

ASDR, founded in 2006, is uniquely positioned in the mining industry with its four centers of excellence: Project Management & Engineering, Water Treatment, Industrial Services & Fabrication. This vertical integration allows them to manage mining and water treatment projects comprehensively, from design to fabrication, installation, and operation.

ASDR has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years, with a 2x increase in revenues over the last three years. The company’s strategic expansion beyond the Abitibi region into Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes, and across Canada has been a key driver of this growth. With a focus on EPC/Turnkey projects and the ability to modularize project components, ASDR has successfully executed large-scale projects, including a significant mandate for an ammonia treatment plant in Ontario.

One of ASDR’s noteworthy achievements is the commercialization of ECOMUD technology, a solution for sludge and water treatment during drilling campaigns and underground operations. The company has also expanded its capabilities through the acquisition of Eco Technologies, specializing in dredging, remediation projects, and ice breaking with a footprint in the Maritimes and projects across Canada. Technological innovation remains at the forefront of ASDR’s strategy, with ongoing developments in ammonia and cyanate treatment, as well as the deployment of digital confined space monitoring technology for enhanced safety and productivity during shutdown work.

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Guest Speaker: Marco Rebuli – Director, Business Development
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