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Water Stewardship in Mining: EnviroCon Systems and MEGA-Drain Collaboration

Jan 10, 2024 | Mining Now | 0 comments

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Welcome to another episode of Mining Now, hosted by Rory Bamford. In this edition, we dive into the transformative world of water stewardship within the mining industry with Robert Kibel, CEO, and Co-Founder of MEGA-Drain Corporation. EnviroCon Systems has invited Robert to discuss the innovative Water Recovery Solution that MEGA-Drain has engineered to address the critical issue of rising rates of tailings dam failures in global mining.

MEGA-Drain’s revolutionary Water Recovery Solution utilizes advanced geotextile tubes on a Mega-Drain system in an engineered tailings storage facility, eliminating dam risks and reducing costs associated with water wastage. This technology not only prevents dam failures but also reclaims water through cyclone overflow filtering and decanting processes, contributing to operational sustainability in mining. The partnership between EnviroCon and MEGA-Drain aims to reshape water management in mining, and this episode delves into the market scope, technology integration, and onboarding steps for adopting this groundbreaking solution.

The episode also provides a comprehensive overview of MEGA-Drain Corporation, its patented technologies, and its global applications. With a focus on case studies from West Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana, the episode showcases the practical implementation of MEGA-Drain’s Water Recovery Solution in open-pit and sand dredge mining, emphasizing its impact on water conservation, safety, and operational efficiency. Join us as we explore how MEGA-Drain is setting new standards in the mining industry by reshaping the way water is managed and recovered.

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