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Projects in completely different environments and in separate industries show what it takes to design and deliver pump equipment for fluid handling requirements in the oil and gas industry, mining, and major drilling projects, and construction. Production Foreman for Power Zone Equipment, Greg Sanchez, joined Crownsmen Energy to explain the multiple stages of inspecting, designing, engineering, fabricating, and supplying pumps for major industrial applications around the world. 

Pumps in this interview fall into two categories, positive displacement pumps, and dynamic pumps. We cover multiple types of positive displacement pumps such as rotary-type positive displacement, reciprocating-type positive displacement, and linear-type positive displacement. We also explore dynamic pump systems including centrifugal pumps. 

Project Highlights

  • Pump Systems for Removing Water from Drill Holes
  • Pumps for Pumping Crude Oil on a Pipeline
  • Dewatering Pump Systems for an Underground Mine
  • Oil & Gas Pumps
  • Diesel Driven Pump Systems
  • Electric Pump Packages 

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