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Compilation of resources for system design, equipment operations, and more!

Fluid Handling and Equipment Information Education, and Resources for Students, Equipment Operators, and Engineers

Welcome to Power Zone’s resources. We have been compiling information to help our customers use the equipment they purchase. Along the way, we have realized that there are many more who can benefit from the material we have collected and would like to make it available to you! Whether you’re a student, an equipment operator, or an engineer starting a new project, Power Zone would like to provide you with resources.

From easy-to-understand definitions to online calculations, we are giving you our industry knowledge and experience for free. If you don’t see what you need, check back later as we continue to add new content. Alternatively, ask your question to our design engineers!

API Pump Types & Standards

API Pump Type Definitions – Understanding API Standards

Industry Common Reference Tables

Refence tables for quick look-up or cross references for data common to industrial equipment

Common Calculations & Formulas

Common calculations and unit conversion formulas

Online Calculators

Power Zone online calculators for system and pump design

Aplex Specifications and Documentation

Aplex Pump Documentation and Manuals

Mud Pump Manufacturers

List of Manufacturers for Mud Pumps

Glossary – Equipment Terms and Definitions

Commonly used definitions and explanations for industrial equipment terms

Power Zone Equipment's Services


Rebuilding Services for pumps, blowers, and motors

R & D

Research and Design systems for equipment and product testing


Industrial equipment testing and design confirmation


Standard and hard to find pump parts for most common brands

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