Oil and Gas

Services and equipment for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Keep drilling, pipeline, and recovery operations going with quick lead times and reliable equipment. Power Zone was built with close ties to the industry and has the knowledge and expertise to provide the systems that meet all common regulations and specifications.

From Drilling to the Pump and Everything In-Between

Power Zone was founded with close ties to the Oil and Gas industry. Power Zone’s team has provided equipment for downstream, midstream, and upstream phases of Oil and Gas since it began in January 2000. If it’s equipment you need, Power Zone can deliver!

Drilling, Stimulation, and other Upstream Services

We have our roots in the Oil and Gas Industry. From it’s early stages, the company was able to compete in the growing industry with their incomparable lead times. When you need equipment fast, you need Power Zone. Our rebuilding, packaging, and engineering services have the ability to move quickly to get a job done. With 1000’s of in-stock items in inventory, the right equipment is likely to be sitting right here at our facilities. Let us get you ready for production!

Reverse Units / CO2 Injection

Custom-built well injection packages

In-Stock Packages

In-stock equipment packages ready to go

Mud Pumps

In-stock mud pumps available for purchase or rebuilding


Services to cover every equipment requirement

Fastest Lead Times in the Industry

When you need it now, Power Zone can deliver. Receive fully packaged or rebuilt systems with the fastest delivery times in the industry. Most projects can be completed in as little as 12 to 16 weeks! Contact us today to get started!

Offering Custom Solutions to the Pipeline Industry

Move your product down the line with the highest reliability and standards.


  • Centrifugal
  • Positive Displacement
  • Multi-Phase Pumps

Seal Monitoring

  • Custom Engineered Seal Systems
  • Seal Monitoring Systems
  • Leak Monitoring
  • Seal Support
  • API Seal Plans

Applications / Solutions

  • Water
  • Saline
  • NGL
  • LNG
  • Produced Fluids
  • Frack Water Supply
  • Product Mixtures

Control Systems

  • Pressure, Speed and Flow Control
  • Safety Shut Downs
  • Gas/Liquid Leak Monitoring
  • PLC Control Systems

Ratings and Standards

  • API Standards
  • CRN
  • ATEX
  • Colorado Resolution 35 Approval
  • Custom Ratings and Standards

Tailored Integrations

  • Engineered to fit pre-existing infrastructure
  • On-site / Remote System Integration
  • Partial or Fully Engineered Systems
  • Compatible for any stage of the project

Quick Turn-Around

Power Zone works to get you solutions as quickly as possible. Let the long drawn out timeline go down the tubes. With our competitive pricing, and short lead times, your product can get moving without having to drain your budget. Contact us today to get started!

Salt Water Disposal, Filtration, and Pipelines

The stage of drilling doesn’t matter. Well sites always need water management solutions. Power Zone offers years of experience in providing top notch solutions for handling, cleaning, and disposing of water on and off site. With custom engineered equipment packages and skids, Power Zone offers you full control of your water management needs.

Salt Water Disposal

Power Zone has pre-fabricated pump packages in stock and ready to go.
Find what you need in our online database, or get started building a custom one specifically for your application!

Power Zone Equipment's Services


Rebuilding Services for pumps, blowers, and motors

R & D

Research and Design systems for equipment and product testing


Industrial equipment testing and design confirmation


Standard and hard to find pump parts for most common brands

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