Centrifugal Pump Rebuilding

Restore used pumps to a like new condition. Repair cavitation damage, cracking, chips, and worn parts for reliable operation at a fraction of the cost for new equipment. Rebuilding can be completed in as little as 8 weeks!
Rebuilding Services

Hydraulic Modification

Re-apply a used centrifugal pump to a new application by making modifications to the impellers and casing. Change the pump curve to better meet a new flow and pressure rating without needing to purchase a brand new pump.
Engineering Services

Engineering Services and Testing Facilities for Designing and Rebuilding Pump Packages, Engines, Motors and Generators

Power Zone Equipment offers services to cover all industrial equipment needs. Providing service for over 20 years with a team of experienced engineers, machinists, industrial equipment technicians, fabricators, and a state-of-the-art testing facility. Power Zone is ready to help get projects up and running. From planning, to start up, and every step along the way.

Complete Industrial Equipment Service Packages

Power Zone Equipment’s services cover all industrial equipment needs. From equipment selection and design to installation and start-up, or rebuilding and restoration to replacement parts. Power Zone has your projects covered for the lifetime of the project.

Custom Pump and Equipment Units

Custom package pumps with motors, engines, gear boxes, and more. Power Zone Equipment builds equipment systems to specifications including custom seal plans, hazardous location system design, API standards, and more.


Power Zone Equipment offers a team of experienced engineers to design custom modifications and systems. From hydraulic modifications and rebuilding support, to individual component selection and full system design – Power Zone has all aspects of the project covered. 

Rebuilding and Refurbishing

Rebuilt industrial equipment is as reliable as new equipment at a lower cost and faster than purchasing brand new. Most equipment rebuilding can be completed in as little as 8 to 12 weeks to keep operations running smoothly. With experienced machinists, Power Zone Equipment rebuilds centrifugal pumpspositive displacement pumpsblowers, and motors.


Power Zone’s state of the art testing facility for pumps, engines, and motors is the largest in the region. Testing industrial equipment is made easy with options for recorded, live streaming, and in-person testing. All tests include a fully outlined test report. Guarantee that equipment meets the specifications outlined by a manufacturer, or as stated by Power Zone’s design team.

Custom Control Systems

UL Listed and hazardous location designed and built control systems for automation, communication, and monitoring of industrial equipment. Ensure new, rebuilt, or existing equipment is operating at it’s peak efficiency!

Parts and Ongoing Support

Power Zone Equipment is a part supplier for most major brands of pumps. Ensure continued reliable operation of pumping equipment with both in-stock replacement OEM and custom built parts. Combined with the engineering team, Power Zone offers services to document a rebuild, ensuring the quick fabrication and delivery of components whenever they may be needed in the future.

Research and Development

Power Zone has experience designing and building test loops and monitoring systems for the testing of newly designed products, continued testing, and product development. Ensure the products you release are fully tested and backed with data to prove thier ability by testing them in a system built for accurate testing.

Project Case Studies

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