Portable Enclosed Salt Water Disposal Unit

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The portable enclosed saltwater disposal system shown was custom designed and fabricated in early 2014 by Power Zone Equipment for Secure Energy Services. The pump package system is capable of providing flow rates from 3,075 BPD to 9,530 BPD at a maximum pressure of 1462 PSI while staying within API 674 recommended speed. The quintuplex pump is electrically driven with a poly-chain drive per the customer’s specifications.
Designed with a filtration system, charge pump, and an environmentally friendly sump system, the package is an all-in-one, stand-alone system. The unit is fully automated and equipment is protected by vibration, low oil, high temperature, and high discharge and low suction pressure shutdowns. Even when unattended, the system automatically reacts to the failure of any system and prevents damage to the unit. In addition, alarms and lights are incorporated to give audible and visual signals that an error had occurred. The pump package is operational from a 480 volt connection from line power or as a standalone unit with the integrated 400 kW generator, the power source being selected based on availability and cost of electricity. The generator system is contained in a separate weather proof enclosure on the skid. This ensures that the pump and process components are isolated in a class 1 division 2 area inside the enclosure. This allows the generator (driven by a Volvo internal combustible engine without a class 1 div.2 rating) to still meet safety requirements.
The package is designed for mobility and is loaded and unloaded from a site by the use of a crane. The structural design was checked with FEA to ensure the unit would not be damaged or deformed during transit and placement. For the design to be shipping friendly, the building was designed to carry very little load and the strength of the unit is contained within the skid structure.

Entire pump package without the Enclosure

The layout of the packaged components were designed to provide adequate working space for periodic maintenance and repair. The smaller pumps and components can be serviced in walkways. The larger components such as the pump and electric motor can be worked on within the building or removed through an overhead door. Before leaving the Power Zone facility, the unit underwent a complete function analysis test. All safety switches and alarms were manually tested to ensure proper wiring and trip responses. The pumps were tested at specified pressure increments including a 1 hour continuous operation test at the maximum pressure. In addition to the test results being recorded, it was also witnessed in person by Secure Energy Services personnel.

Fully Enclosed Quintuplex Pump Unit

This package continues to operate today in North Dakota, USA.

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