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The Gardner Denver PZ-9 Pump package came to Power Zone from Texas and ultimately ended up in Australia. Eventually called the UEA Project, the package required rebuilding of the pump and diesel engine, modification to the skid, refinishing of all equipment and structures, and the addition of hydraulic jacks. Upon arrival, the components of the pump package were removed and sent to a different area of the shop. The Power Zone team was split up into different sub-teams to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and meet the deadline. 

Power Zone’s engineers immediately began working on ordering and designing the hydraulic jack system. With limited availability of shipping options, the jack system needed to assist with the loading and unloading of the entire package onto any trailer. In addition, it was to be loadable with or without other equipment or machinery available.

The jack system is a stand-alone system bolted to the existing skid. Power Zone’s fabrication department modified the skid structure to support the bolt-on jacks. A fuel tank, hydraulic tank, engine, and pump were also added to the skid. The small diesel engine drives the hydraulic pump and allows for control of the jack system without the need of running the larger main engine. With manual controls, the entire 75,000 lb package can easy be loaded and unloaded onto a trailer by a single operator. 

The Cat D398 Engine and Gardner Denver PZ-9 each took their place in their own bay in Power Zone’s rebuild shop. Our experienced engine mechanic began taking the Cat D398 apart, piece by piece. Each component was carefully cleaned, re-machined or rebuilt when needed, and repainted. It was then re-assembled with the same meticulous detail that would be expected by an OEM. 

The Gardner Denver PZ-9 received the same treatment. Careful cleaning, re-machining, painting, and re-assembly. Our mechanics and project managers kept careful records, documenting each step of the process.

The skid structure was the only piece left intact in the fabrication department, and even then, it still received modifications. The Power Zone fabrication department began by removing sections of the skid which held obsolete equipment. The structure itself was then strengthened, blasted, and painted.As each piece of equipment was finished, it was then brought back together and re-assembled.

Looking brand new, the entire unit was moved into the testing facility where it received hydro-testing, operational and function testing, and additional quality assurance tests. Upon completion, Power Zone sent the unit back on its way to Australia. Handling the shipping over land sea, customs paperwork, and tracking, Power Zone was able to provide an easy and worry free project for its customers. The unit, in its almost brand new state, is currently being used with the reliability and craftsmanship Power Zone’s customers have come to expect.

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