Offshore Oilwell SA-634 Helicopter Pump Unit

POWER ZONE Case Studies | Project Highlights

The latest diesel driven pump package designed by Power Zone Equipment incorporated the customer’s own pump. The Oilwell SA-634 was sent to PZE from Nigeria and had significant power end and fluid end damage.

Power Zone began the pump rebuild by tearing it down to just parts and the frame, from there the fluid end and also integral parts of the power end were machined as needed back to OEM spec and new fluid end expendables were installed. In the end the pump was fully rebuilt back to OEM specs and tolerances.

Power Zone engineers worked with the customer on the design and analysis of a helicopter skid system to fit their needs. The engine and pump are mounted to separate baseplates to allow lifting of each unit separately. Once on-site the two baseplates can be bolted together to form one single unit and also transported as one unit if needed.

The unit is well within the dimensions needed to allow shipping overseas inside of a standard container. The flexibility in transportation provides the ability for lower cost transport for long or short distances, while giving flexibility for different types of transportation available in different locations.

The fuel tanks on-board the engine unit have enough capacity to provide a 12-hour run-time at the customer’s intermittent duty points of up to 337 GPM at lower pressures and if needed lower flows at up to 10,000 PSI.

The unit has a PLC and digitally controlled and monitored using a touchscreen HMI. At the customer’s request, the unit also utilizes analog instrumentation for quick checking and monitoring from around the package.

The pump is driven by a Detroit 16-V 71 TA diesel engine providing up to 700 HP during operation. An Allison 6061 automatic transmission allows for easy control of the pump speed to increase or decrease the flow rate for different applications and job sites.

The entire pump package went through a rigorous FAT (factory acceptance test) in Power Zone Equipment’s testing facility guaranteeing the reliable operation at the intermittent flow and pressure range and providing assurance that the unit is ready to go upon arriving onsite.

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