Crude Oil Pipeline Pump Package – 2250 HP Flowserve Multi-Stage Pump

POWER ZONE Case Studies | Project Highlights

This pump package was designed and built in under 16 weeks and is Oklahoma bound! Jay Osmon, Sales Manager at Power Zone Equipment, gives us a walkthrough of a typical crude oil pipeline “mainline” pump package built for install and operation in Cushing, Oklahoma. This unit is designed to pump crude oil from one of the biggest pipeline hubs in the United States.

This unit was built to API 610 standards using a BB3 Flowserve 6×13 DMX pump with 8” suction and 6” discharge connections. This particular unit was designed to operate at a pump curve setpoint of 100,000 BPD at approximately 1000 PSI and is capable of varied flows and pressures as it is utilizing VFD control to the 2250 HP electric motor.

Power Zone performed a complete FAT (factory acceptance test) on this unit in their state of the art testing facility and complete test curves, reports and analysis was provided as final documentation.

Other features include:


Power Zone equipment is versed in hydraulic engineering, hydraulic pump modifications, rebuilding pumps and specific mainline pump design and applications. 

Our engineering team is able to work with you to build to your custom requirements and we have pumps available in stock to avoid supply chain delays. 

Please contact us for all of your crude oil pipeline pump needs.

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