Industrial Pump Engineering for Fluid Handling Solutions

Power Zone’s on-staff engineering team is here to design, support, and provide reliable equipment to industries worldwide.

Engineering Services

Power Zone Equipment employs a full staff of engineers to ensure the safety and durability of our custom fluid handling solutions. From start to finish, all engineering work is done in-house to ensure our equipment meets and exceeds all of Power Zone’s standards of excellence.

Our engineers have worked in a wide variety of projects, including the design of pump impellers, complete test loops, and countless turn-key pumping systems, some of which have required extensive 3rd-party inspections and certifications such as compliance with ASME Code and Colorado Resolution 35.

We engineer centrifugal pump packages for both single-stage centrifugal pumps and multi-stage centrifugal pumps as well as reciprocating pumps, including single acting triplex pumps and double acting reciprocating pumps. We also provide user-friendly pump engineering calculators to help you better identify your requirements and find the perfect match from our inventory of hundreds of industrial pumps.

Equipped with Solidworks, AutoCAD and MathCAD and utilizing a full machine shop, our engineers are able to design and test custom solutions with quick turnarounds.

From Concept to Creation

Power Zone Equipment’s team has helped companies to design custom equipment for applications including oil and gas, mining, construction, research and development of new technology and more.

Contact Power Zone today and find out why Power Zone offers an advantage in the equipment industry.

Power Zone’s Engineering team has worked on pumps and packages, controls, pumps, and R&D projects for more than 20 industries in 30 countries.

Power Zone can take your concepts to a completed project. Contact us today to get started with engineering custom pump packages!

Equipment Packaging

Package pumps, gearboxes, and drivers into a single skidded unit.

Control Systems

Engineered control systems for simple or complex equipment operations.

Get Started

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Power Zone Equipment's Services


Rebuilding Services for pumps, blowers, and motors

R & D

Research and Design systems for equipment and product testing


Industrial equipment testing and design confirmation


Standard and hard to find pump parts for most common brands

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