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Power Zone Equipment has over 3500 pieces of industrial equipment in stock. We often get asked, “where do you find all of this stuff”? The answer is all over. Facilities being decommissioned, new projects getting canceled before they get completed, overstock, etc. We buy and sell our equipment all over the world, so considering the area covered, there’s a lot of equipment out there. Most of it has 10 or 20 years of service life left in it, it just needs to be re-engineered and reapplied into a new application. That’s what we do. 

We have a team of engineers and technicians that can rebuild and repair and test the equipment. The team and the facilities here have some remarkable capabilities, but it’s all meant to support the inventory, and knack we have for buying and selling it.  

We hear so much about supply chain issues, and it highlights the benefits of using surplus equipment. A project timeline can not only be cut in half or less, but it can also have a dependable completion date. That’s huge these days. If someone goes with in-stock, surplus equipment, sure maybe there’s a bit of re-engineering involved in fitting it into the plan, but the equipment is physically here. Let’s not underestimate that value. We don’t need to wait on foundries to cast the housings, or for shipments from overseas to come in. We don’t need to worry about tariffs going in and out of effect. That’s all irrelevant when dealing with in-stock, surplus equipment. 

Most of Power Zone’s equipment revolves around pumps. Reciprocating pumps and centrifugal pumps specifically. But really, we deal with any rotating equipment. Motorsenginesgearboxesgeneratorsand electrical switchgear. All this other equipment is essential to pumps to provide pumping solutions, so we end up being experts in anything that relates to the operation of the pump, and that’s what our inventory is made up of. Anywhere from used to new, big to small, it’s a wide range. We have about 20 acres of land where we store the used equipment, and then an additional 60,000 square foot indoor warehouse where the rebuilt and new surplus equipment is stored. All our equipment is within 3 miles of our office and production facility here.  

Our website lists pretty much our entire inventory. On it, you can sort and filter by flow rate or pressure (if you’re looking for pumps) or like, power or speed if looking for motors or engines. It’s a powerful tool, for those who wish to find the item they want online by themselves. But some people don’t want to be on a website, and I get it, with this many products, it can be a bit of information overload, so, they call us instead, and that’s fine. We’ve got a knowledgeable sales and engineering team ready to help. If all you need is a piece of used, as-is equipment, that’s perfect. If you want it checked and tested or even completely rebuilt and packaged, well, we can do that too.   

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