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In the Zone Today:

The Impressive Oilwell A-536 Quintuplex Pump

This complete pump package boasts some remarkable features, including a 6″ stroke, a powerful 267 HP motor, and an aluminum bronze fluid end. With 2″ plungers, a 4″ 300-pound suction connection, and a 3″ 1500-pound discharge connection, this pump is ready to take on demanding tasks with ease. It’s a heavyweight in performance, weighing 6,200 lbs and measuring at 78 inches in length, 69 inches in width, and 29 inches in height.

But what makes this Quintuplex Pump truly exceptional is its versatility. Whether you’re in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, or mining, this pump can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Wondering how it can be tailored to your requirements? We’ll explore the possibilities in this video.