What is a Quintuplex Pump?

Quintuplex (Pump): A reciprocating pump design which incorporates five separate drive rods to drive the pump’s plungers or pistons.

Quintuplex pumps are a common positive displacement pump used across many industries. The pump design allows for higher flow rates and smoother flow while still achieving high relative pressures. Dual-action quintuplex pumps can be purchased but are rare and usually custom manufactured.

Quintuplex Pump Flow Characteristics

Quintuplex pumps have smaller magnitudes of pressure pulsations. Quintuplex flows vary between 94% and 102% (8% variation) of the average flow rate. In comparison, triplex pumps vary from 82% to 107% (25% variation).

Quintuplex also has an additional variation between the maximum and minimum variation. After reaching 102%, the flow rate will dip to 99%, and return to 102%, before dropping to the 94% mark. This slight variation is due to finite lengths of pump geometry.

Quintuplex Pump Example Applications

Quintuplex pumps are routinely used for medium flow applications such as:

  • Amine Circulation
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Crude Oil Transfer
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Descaling
  • Salt Water Injection
  • Hydrocarbon Condensate
  • Well Service
  • Water Jetting
  • CO2 Injection
  • Water Flooding

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