A closer look at the International C605 Natural Gas Generator

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The Used International C605 Natural Gas Generator.

With an impressive 85-kilowatt rating at 120/208 voltage, this generator is ready to deliver reliable performance. What’s more, it boasts an incredibly low runtime of just 87.7 hours, making it practically brand new in terms of usage.

Technical Specs:

Get ready for the details: weighing in at 3020 pounds, this generator spans 9 inches in length, 40 inches in width, and stands tall at 56 inches. Operating at 1800 RPM, it’s designed for optimal efficiency. And don’t miss the Stop-Start function, a key feature that ensures seamless power supply during unexpected outages.

Versatile Applications:

This International C605 generator isn’t limited in its capabilities. Tune in to discover its versatility as it finds its place in various industrial, commercial, and agricultural settings. From construction sites to dairy farms, greenhouses to processing plants, this generator is the backbone that keeps operations running smoothly.

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