Frac Water Supply Made Easy with Rebuilt and Tested Sulzer Pump Package

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The Sulzer Bingham 6X8X12.5A and Teco Westinghouse Motor

Get an exclusive look at our latest pump packages, meticulously rebuilt and rigorously tested by the PowerZone team. These two powerhouses, the Sulzer Bingham pumps and Teco Westinghouse motors, are engineered to deliver exceptional performance for Frac water supply across step elevation gains.


  • Sulzer Bingham 6X8X12.5A
  • Flow Rate: 2100 GPM
  • Pressure: 1150 PSI
  • Power: 1750 BHP
  • Case Material: Duplex Stainless
  • Kingsbury Thrust Bearing
  • Plan 11 Seal Flush
  • Low Point Drain
  • High Point Vent
  • 8-stage pump de-staged to 7 stages
  • Blasted to near-white metal finish
  • Epoxy primer with a urethane top coat


  • Teco Westinghouse
  • Enclosures: WPII
  • Power: 2000 HP
  • Speed: 3564 RPM
  • Voltage: 4160 Volt
  • Service Factor: 1.0 with VFD Compatibility
  • Couplings: Rexnord Spacer Disc Coupling
  • 3-piece design for compact packaging
  • Engineered to accommodate high torque loads


In Power Zone’s testing facility, we rigorously assess each package with water of 1.0 SG. This includes a full function test, measuring torque, flow, and pressure at various points on the curve. We also ensure proper instrument calibration and generate performance curves for each pump.


We supply Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals (IOMs) for major components, along with General Assembly Drawings, Pump Spec Sheets, and Curves, plus Component Data Sheets, ensuring comprehensive support for our customers.

Experience the quality, reliability, and precision engineering that Power Zone Equipment brings to every project.

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