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In the Zone Today: An Unused Surplus MCM 4x3x13 Horizontal Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump Package is available for sale, featuring a 225 HP Perkins water-cooled diesel engine. This unit comes equipped with a hard iron fluid end, including an 11.5″ impeller, casing with a replaceable wear pad, and a stuffing box.

The pump includes a stainless steel shaft sleeve and premium bearings. It is mounted on a fabricated oilfield base with belts and sheaves, designed to operate the pump at 3600 RPM, with an OSHA-type belt guard. The unit includes a 12-volt remote-operated PTO clutch, a 100-gallon in-frame fuel tank, a spark arrester, and battery with cables.

Additionally, it features a Murphy TEC10 instrument panel with electric key start, enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure. The panel includes gauges, instrumentation, and safety shut-off switches. The Murphy TEC10 controller enables remote start/stop throttle control, as well as PTO engagement and disengagement via a Canbus controller with a 40-foot cable.

The specifications for this unit are as follows: Flow Rate: 600 GPM Horsepower: 225 HP Speed: 2200 RPM The entire Pump Package weighs 5,362 lbs. and measures 109″ in length, 60″ in width, and 80″ in height.

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