Unveiling the Powerhouse: New Surplus TruFlo TSP Pump

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In today’s episode, we’re diving into the incredible features of the new Surplus TruFlo TSP 4×2-11N API OH2 Pump from Power Zone Equipment. We’re getting right into the zone with this powerhouse pump that’s set to revolutionize industrial applications. With a whopping capacity of 402 gallons per minute (GPM) at 469 total dynamic head (TDH), this pump means business. Running at 3600 RPM, it’s designed to deliver top-notch performance. Let’s talk specs: this single-stage marvel boasts an 11.125 inch impeller and is built with a sturdy S-4 case material. It’s equipped with a 4-inch 300 pound suction flange and a 2-inch 300 pound discharge flange, ensuring efficient operation. Looking to enhance your industrial setup? This pump is an ideal choice for various applications, from cooling loops to dewatering. But the possibilities don’t end there – it can even provide essential charge pressure to larger pumps. But that’s not all – Power Zone Equipment goes above and beyond. They offer the option to include a motor and coupling, as well as comprehensive controls and seal support systems. Rest assured, every unit undergoes rigorous testing for both performance and functionality before it’s shipped to your site. At Power Zone Equipment, we’re not just about pumps – we’re your go-to source for pumps, motors, engines, and beyond.
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