Stancor Sump Pump System

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This Stancor pump system was custom built by Power Zone for a water supply pipeline in Western Colorado. The system was installed on the edge of a reservoir with an environmentally protective lining. The main project constraint was that the pond’s lining had to remain in-tact without perforation, abrasion, or tampering. The design had to mitigate all concerns that it could puncture the protective lining.


The system incorporates a custom rail system which prevents contact between the pump system and the pond lining. Under the rail base, Power Zone utilized bent steel sheet to remove the possibility of sharp points from coming into contact with the lining. The rail system also allows for easy removal of the pump for cleaning and maintenance. The pump and supported flange are mounted on a cart on top of the rail. By removing pipe segments, the pump can be brought to the surface without the use of heavy machinery or equipment. A winch at the top of the rail assists in lifting the piping and pump out of the water for service by a one-person crew.


Located in Colorado, winter icing on the pond was a concern. A deicer was installed around the track and pipe to keep the water in liquid form in that area. In addition, flexible steel piping was used at the pump outlet and at the joint at the top of the rail system. The flexible pipe allows expansion and contraction during changing seasons.


The pump system shown here is one of three identical systems that were built by Power Zone. All three systems are in operation today. The systems serve as a charge pump for the pipeline’s main pump station located near the containment ponds.

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